What We Do

We are a Milwaukee based company that focuses on production and selling of tools and equipment necessary for welding, including accessories needed to ensure your own safety and protection of your health, as well as cutting gear and equipment.


About Our Blog

The primary focus of our blog is to provide you some insight into the world of welding. On our blog you will be able to find information about various types of gear and welding equipment, basic training, types of welding, safety measures, etc. Visit fidanlaranaokulu.com.

Abouth Author

Thomas Leon is an experienced welder and an engineer who decided to start his own business after years of working the industry. Sparked by the desire to improve the standards of welding equipment and to correct flaws he witnessed first-hand, Thomas used his knowledge and experience to achieve this goal.


Why Are We The Best

Ever since we started our business, we’ve strived for perfection, to provide you with highest quality welding equipment and gear available at the market. Our client’s satisfaction is one of our highest concerns, which is why our experience is our best warranty.

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